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Rat & Mouse Control - Leeds, York, Ilkley & Otley

I provide a full rat & mouse eradication, proofing and aftercare service in domestic and commercial properties in Leeds, York Ilkley, Otley. I am fully qualified in all aspects of pest control can successfully eradicate even the most severe of infestations. All quotes are inclusive and can usually be provided over the phone. I have years of experience of dealing with rodent problems and always provide a safe, professional and efficient service.

Who Should I Call to Deal With a Rat Problem?

External problems with rats are no longer dealt with by Leeds City Council, So if your having issues with rats in your garden and your covered by Leeds City Council you will have to select a private company to deal with the problem.

Be careful when choosing a contractor as there are lots of rogue traders in the industry Many of these companies claim to be local but most are infant from out of town. Several companies with Leeds Phone numbers and Leeds website addresses from as far away as Derby.

Its not just the out of towers you should watch out for many of the smaller companies who are local are operation without the industry recommended entry lever qualification RSPH level 2 certificate in pest management,. Always ask to see a copy of this certificate and a copy of the pest controllers public liability insurance certificate. The are a few very good companies in our region and all would be more than happy to provide copies.

Rats in or around your home should not be tolerated!

Rats are the most destructive pests known to man. Rats are also known source of numerous diseases which can afflict humans and domestic animals. Rats will contaminate food and will cause extensive damage to buildings and equipment in homes, warehouses, granaries, restaurants and bakeries, anywhere food is handled or stored.

Rats pose a serious hazard to health. As well as contaminating food with their droppings and urine, fleas from rats were responsible for spreading the bubonic plague. Today diseases such as salmonella and typhus are commonly spread by rats.

Why have we got rats?

Rats can survive outdoors during the winter under certain conditions, however activity and indoor migration increases as the weather gets cooler and outdoor food and water sources decrease. quite often its a simple ground level defect the reason rats have found a way in to your home. Repeat infestations usually point to a drainage fault and a CCTV drain inspection may be required to prevent ingress in the future.

Why have we got mice?

Mice usually enter at ground level either under a poorly fitted garage door, gaps around pipework or ground level air vents. If you so choose we will be more than happy to provide a quote to rectify the faults once the infestation has been cleared.

How will you get rid of our rodent problem?

As a qualified pest controller I have access to the very latest products rodenticide formulations. However many infestations can be cleared using no poisons at all. We often can "trap out" the resident population before proofing them out for good.

Get in Touch

Send me a message using the contact form below it should arrive at my smartphone after a couple of minutes. If I don't get back to you straight away, don't panic and call another pest control company. I will call you back as soon as I have finished the job i'm working on. I could be up a ladder, catching rats in a roof space or spraying an infestation of bed bugs.