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Wasp Removal & Insect Control - Leeds, York, Ilkley & Otley

I provide a full insect eradication, and monitoring service in domestic and commercial properties in Leeds, York Ilkley, Otley. I am fully qualified in all aspects of pest control can successfully eradicate even the most severe of infestations.

All quotes are inclusive and can usually be provided over the phone. I have years of experience of dealing with insect problems including ants bed bugs fleas wasps & bees and always provide a safe, professional and efficient service.

Wasp Nest Removal

Wasps are one of the most common insects I deal with. The process is simple and involves injecting the nest with a professional grade insecticide. Treatments are available 7 days a week and are 100% guaranteed.

Who Should I Call to Deal With an Insect Problem?

Be careful when selecting a pest control contractor as there are scores of rogue traders in the industry. Many of these companies claim to be local but most are in fact from out of town. Several companies with Leeds phone numbers and Leeds website addresses travel from as far away as Derby.

Its not just the out of town pest control companies you should watch out, for many of the smaller companies who are local are operating without the industry recommended entry level qualification "RSPH level 2 certificate in pest management".

Always ask to see a copy of this certificate and a copy of the pest controllers public liability insurance certificate. There are a few very good companies in our region and all would be more than happy to provide copies of their certificates.

Insect infestations can quickly get out off control

Fleas and bed bugs are good examples of insects that won't just go away. you can clean the house top to bottom every day and a months later you will still have them.

Acting quickly and calling a specialist contractor is the best course of action. Every week I attend properties where the homeowner has spend hundreds of pounds on bug bombs and sprays in an attempt to save few pounds. Only to have to spend more money to get the problem dealt with by an expert.

The products available over the counter are not even close to the products a professional can purchase. The main problem is that without a good knowledge of the biology of the particular insect even using professional grade products may not be enough. Ensure your contractor has a good understanding of the pest in question before they commence the work.

Why have we got an insect infestation?

Many insects are what we class as casual intruders, arachnids (spiders) are often classed as casual intruders. Some insects such as fleas may have hitched a ride in on a pet, bed bugs often follow you back from a hotel stay. Don't be embarrassed about having an insect infestation in most cases its more bad luck than a hygiene issue.

How will you get rid of our insect problem?

As a qualified pest controller I have access to the very latest products insecticide formulations. However many infestations can be cleared using no poisons at all. We can often use not toxic methods including heat treatments to eradicate insect infestations for good.

Get in Touch

Send me a message using the contact form below it should arrive at my smartphone after a couple of minutes. If I don't get back to you straight away, don't panic and call another pest control company. I will call you back as soon as I have finished the job i'm working on. I could be up a ladder, catching rats in a roof space or spraying an infestation of bed bugs.